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Cover Letter
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I offer significant abilities and experience in my chosen field and have a proven ability to manage a complex and comprehensive daily workload. My ability to get along well with others, to make necessary adjustments to meet deadlines, and successfully coordinate in fast-paced environments have all contributed to my growth and my employers’ placing a significant degree of trust in me.

In the past I have spearheaded a vast range of programs that actively sought to improve client satisfaction, reduce costs and improve efficiency. I am adept at managing tactical and strategic plans and cultivating effective business relationships. I have the recognised ability to develop strong professional relationships and build partnerships that enhance company structure and improve business positioning. My skills in personnel management are noteworthy and I have a recognized ability to build strong teams who work together collaboratively to achieve organisational goals.

My past achievements are indicative of an effective leader who communicates well and has a proven record of success in fast-paced, challenging environments. What I would bring to any position includes dynamic communications skills, leadership and team-building ability, and a proven commitment to company success. The accompanying resume should serve to give you an idea not only of my past achievements but also of my potential for making a significant contribution to the company.


Sergei Vazhnov



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